We are an independent international trading company specialising in true end-to-end trade solutions

We handle entire import and export processes and transactions through to final delivery

We simplify trading processes and instil commercial, operational and legal best practices

We identify and mitigate trading risk whilst supporting our clients’ financial objectives

We actively seek and develop strategic alliances
and partnerships with established players having complementary and synergistic skills, expertise,
and experience to deliver tailored trade solutions.

Our Strategic partners

International Materials

is one of the largest independent suppliers of bulk materials globally, selling over 30 million tons of products worth about $1.5 billion per annum to 45 countries worldwide.

Micofin is focused on resources, renewables, downstream beneficiation and manufacturing, specializing in advisory, research, project development and fund services globally.

Resiliant Circular is focused on energy and industrial ecology. It is involved in technical, change management and project development from inception to financial structuring.

Mercury International is an authorised financial service provider and authorised FX dealer which offers online global fintech solutions. Mercury makes transacting across multiple currencies cheaper, faster and easier.

Our operational partners

bulk360 offers innovative bulk logistics services through multiple turn-key managed solutions. Together with bulk360, we offer our clients real-time visibility and traceability through integrated transport management and ERPM technology.